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Melbourne's Best Rated Wedding DJ & MC Services

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable with Melbourne’s Top-Rated DJs! Our professional DJs ensure a seamless, fun, and memorable celebration tailored to your unique style

Music We Play

70s, 80s, 90s, Disco, RNB, House, and Sing along Classics, Aussie Rock, Commercial, Top 40s... Music that suits the crowd.

Music We don't Play

Music We don’t Play: Anything that is requested by our wedding couples and anything we know wouldn’t work on the crowd (that all comes with the experience we carry 🙂

Wedding MC Options

Option 1: Our Wedding DJs can also offer light MCing.
Option 2: We offer Wedding DJ + Wedding MC Bundled into one package (2 persons available for the night)
Opton 3: If you have your in-house MC (family, friend etc,) we are more than happy to work with your in house MC(s).

profesisonally Attire DJs

At Melbourne DJ Services, our DJs always dress to impress. Whether your wedding is formal or casual, our DJs will match the style of your event, ensuring they look polished and professional, perfectly blending in with your special day.

Areas We Cover

Whether you are getting married in Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington, Phillips Island or Country Victoria, we are able to travel to your wedding destination.

What Makes us Stand Out

  • Professional and Experienced Wedding DJs with 5-star reviews understand the importance of your wedding day. Our job is to ensure your event run smoothly according to your vision & plan.
  • With Excellent Stylish DJ Setup (Best Wedding DJ Presentation in Melbourne), great lighting and best selection of music, we aim to provide the best music & wedding entertainment experience in Melbourne.
  • We put our customers always first and at heart of our services and everything we do.


Would you prefer a Wedding DJ who can read the crowd and have your guests up and dancing? Read on.. 

Offering top-notch Wedding DJ  services in Melbourne to make your big day even more special. Our customized DJ and MC packages are designed to suit any budget and caters to all your wedding entertainment needs.

  • We understand the stress and planning that goes into organizing a wedding, which is why we aim to provide a stress-free experience for our clients. With our experienced wedding DJs and MCs, you can relax and enjoy your special day while we take care of the entertainment.
  • Our professional Wedding DJs are skilled at curating a playlist that caters to your specific preferences, ensuring that your guests have a memorable experience means a packed dance floor
  • We specialize in providing wedding reception, ceremony, and engagement party entertainment, making us the perfect choice for all your wedding entertainment needs.
  • We will guide you through the process if you arent sure what music to select for your special dances or must play songs (If you dont have any)
  • If you’re looking for a wedding DJ or MC in Melbourne, look no further. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best entertainment services and packages that will make your wedding a truly unforgettable experience.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us make your wedding day one to remember.

Melbourne Wedding DJ


Would you prefer a friendly MC who is approachable, engaging and ensure everything goes per plan and runsheet? Read On..

Our Master of Ceremonies (MC) service is consistently rated as the best in Melbourne for weddings. At our Wedding MC Service, we support your vision and work tirelessly to make it a reality. 

  • Our Wedding MCs will ensure your event is executed per plan, we just not stick to the run sheet but will also keeping guest entertained from time to time .
  • Our Professional Wedding MCs come highly recommended and are passionate about entertaining your guests all night long
  • From intros, housekeeping to speeches and special dance.. you are all covered for the night
  • We work with all your other suppliers to ensure we are on the same page when it comes to execution of your runsheet.
  • We provide upfront wedding consultation prior to your event, discussing everything in detail so there are no surprises on the day. We support your vision.
  • Do you have own MC? Dont worry we are more than happy to work with your MC whether its a friend, family member or anyone you prefer.

Trust the professionals who value your satisfaction and deliver exceptional service without breaking the bank.!

Modern & Stylish DJ Setup – Setting the Perfect Party Mood

Our Wedding DJ package includes:

  • All white posh Wedding DJ Setup
  • Custom white DJ booth
  • White Line Arrays
  • White Up lightings
  • White 360-degree tubes
  • White RGB Dance floor lighting
  • Intelligent controlled lights synced to the music.
  • Bundled with our well-presented Wedding DJs and MCs


All our wedding lighting is configurable, allowing us to adjust them to any colour to complement the ambiance of the room. Picture this dynamic setup alongside the music playing, sure to keep your guests dancing all night long.

It’s an experience worth capturing for Instagram. Plus, rest assured, we provide best rated wedding DJ setups in Melbourne.



Our Team

A short introduction to our Wedding DJ & MC Crew based in Melbourne.
DJ Sammy - Professional DJ & MC Melbourne

DJ Sammy - Wedding DJ

Our Melbourne based and most experienced Wedding DJ and entertainer with some extraordinary mixing skills. Sammy is an all round great DJ. You will find him playing some crazy tunes whilst keeping the dance floor alive. Sammy has experience working with wide varierty of events primarily weddings, parties and corporate events. Rated one of the best wedding and party DJs in Melbourne. View our Instagram Page for Sammy’s Past Events .Secure DJ Sammy for your wedding today

MC Mike - Professional MC Melbourne

MC Mike - Wedding MC

Our Melbourne based MC Michael is known for his dedication to the entertainment Industry. From Bond Bar, Metropolis Events to Vogue Ballroom, Michael has shined his performance by providing excellent customer experience during the special day/events. Running at the forefront and sticking to the run-sheet Michael ensures the execution of the event tightly aligns with our clients vision.

MC Steve - Professional MC Melbourne

MC Stevo - Wedding MC

Our Melbourne based MC Steve – You know him from Melbourne Comedy Festival. Steve is a renowned stand-up comedian & performer, a natural born storyteller, super professional MC who sticks to the run sheet but can also get wickedly funny keeping guest entertained from time to time.

DJ Zurick - Professional DJ & MC Melbourne

DJ Zurick - Wedding DJ

Our RNB & commercial music specialist DJ Zurick based in Melbourne, known for his unique mixing style and DJ set that is full of surprises. DJ Zurick is known for his dedication to music and hard work! Taking great pleasure in creating the perfect entertainment. One of the best RNB Dj in Melbourne


Our Wedding DJ Packages are fully customisable and can be tailored for any event* Travel outside Melbourne Metro & Events on Public Holidays attracts surcharge. Visit our DJ Hire Pricing/Cost Guide for a detailed pricing breakdown.


Travel cost applies for Wedding outside Melbourne
$ Enquire
  • DJ 5 Hour Playtime
  • Standard Party lighting
  • Premium Sound System
  • 2 X Nexus Pioneer CDJS + Mixer
  • Music of your choice
  • Wireless Microphone for Speeches
  • 4 X Uplights
  • 360 Tubes Lights X 4
  • MC Service


Travel cost applies for Wedding outside Melbourne
$ Enquire
  • DJ 5 Hour Playtime
  • Intelligent Party lighting
  • Premium Sound System
  • 2 X Nexus Pioneer CDJS + Mixer
  • Music of your choice
  • Wireless Microphone for Speeches
  • 8 X Uplights
  • 360 Tubes Lights X 4
  • MC Service

Wedding DJ FAQs

If you have any inhouse MCs (such as family or friends who have some exciting stories to share) then our DJs are more than happy to work with them. Simply provide the details of the person and our DJs will coordindate with them throughout the evening, ensuring they both work in sync.

Yes our Wedding Djs are capable of providing the basic announcements  and basic MC Services, sticking through the runsheet, gettin all formalities and out of the way and ensuring that your guest spend majority of their time on the dance floor.  Golden Tip:  This is something prefer by majority of our couples who wants to party all night

In 2024, the average Wedding DJs with at least 10 years of experience, with a qood quality presentable setup and skills to read the crowd, you should be expecting to pay around $950.00. The more the experience the higher the demand and higher the price. 


Read our comprehensive Wedding DJ Price Guide for more information related to factors influencing the Wedding DJ Melbourne Cost.  

In 2024, on average you are expected to pay $100 -$150 per hour for Djs only if you provide all equipment. If you are after a DJ who is providing all equipment, then price will higher. Depending on the event size, required travel and any further customisation the price will be based on all these factors.

Read our comprehensive Wedding DJ Price Guide for more information related to factors influencing the Wedding DJ Melbourne Cost.  

Absolutely yes! Having a DJ at a wedding is definitetly worth it. They can make a significant difference by skillfully reading the crowd, playing the right songs at the right time, and providing all the necessary party equipment to create the perfect party atmosphere. While some couples may consider hiring lights and relying on Spotify, this approach may result in playing full songs without anyone reading the crowd. This means you’d miss out on the art of smoothly transitioning to different songs that your guests might enjoy dancing to. Hiring a DJ is definitely worth it for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

A: The duration for which a DJ stays at a wedding can vary based on the couple’s preferences and the package they’ve selected. Typically, a DJ will be present for the entire duration of the reception, which often ranges from 4 to 6 hours. However, some couples may choose to have the DJ play for longer, especially if there are additional events such as a cocktail hour or an after-party. Ultimately, the length of time the DJ stays will be agreed upon in advance with the couple or event planner.

Our Djs will need a minimum of 2m X 2m space that will ensure our equipment is spaced out for a perfect dance floor area.

Beside all special songs, your wedding runsheet and answers to our questionaire Our DJs simply require the venue manager’s name and your MC’s name (if provided in-house). They will liaise with the venue to confirm logistics and coordinate with the manager on duty to ensure any last-minute changes are taken care of. 

No, Our Wedding DJ packages includes everyrthing, we just need a power outlet to power our equipment, rest is all include in our package.

A: Typically, our DJs will arrive between 45 to 60 minutes prior to the event commencement for setup and sound check. However, if you prefer a specific time for your setup to be ready, we can discuss this upfront. Rest assured, we’ll accommodate your preferences.

A: Our DJs will wear formal or semi-formal clothing that suits the ambiance of the night. They are well-presented to ensure you get maximum value from their appearance.

You can make the payment via cash, Bank transfer credit card, Eftpos (Master and Visa) and PayPal. We do also accept Payment on arrival

We require a minimum of $200 deposit to secure the event/date. Please note all deposit are non-refundable unless outlined in our refund policy

Yes, we do provide invoice for Tax purposes.

We offer state wide Wedding dj service in Victoria. We also offer destination weddings offering exclusive DJ hire packages can be customised for any Wedding in Yarra valley, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island or surrounds.

Regions we do cover:

Geelong & Bellarine
Macedon Ranges
Yarra Valley

If you’re seeking an affordable wedding DJ in Melbourne, our prices are highly competitive and aligned with current market conditions. You can trust that you’re receiving the best value for your investment. Additionally, if you have budget constraints, we’re flexible and able to tailor a wedding DJ package in Melbourne specifically to your needs.

Absolutely Not 🙂 Our MCs deliver professional MC services—no stand-up comedy routines here! While we highly recommend dedicated comedians for such entertainment, our focus is on professionalism, respect, and engaging with guests to ensure a seamless event. If you opt for a stand-up comedian MC, our DJs are ready to collaborate. We’ve teamed up with talents from the Melbourne Comedy Festival and renowned industry names to ensure we deliver outstanding outcome.

You can typically find an MC for basic announcements for between $80 and $100 per hour. MCs bundled with a DJ are often more cost-effective to hire than if you were to hire them separately. However, if you’re solely hiring an MC, keep in mind that they may rely on you or the venue to provide microphones and speakers, which could incur additional costs. If your MC is providing all the equipment, expect to pay a significantly higher price, plus any related travel expenses etc.


Read our comprehensive Wedding DJ Price Guide for more information related to factors influencing the Wedding DJ Melbourne Cost.  

  1. Wedding DJs set the mood of the night by playing the right music.
  2. They skillfully read the crowd, knowing which songs will get people up and dancing, and cater to the age groups by playing genres that your guests would love.
  3. Wedding DJs provide all the necessary party equipment, meaning you don’t have to worry about hiring lights, speakers, smoke machines, or dry ice machines.
  4. They will play:
    • All your special songs
    • All your must-play songs
    • Your preferred genres
    • Guests’ requests
    • Special announcements for the night
  5. They control sound and light equipment to be in sync with the vibe of the event.
  6. The smoothly transition between genres playing all your party favs that will keep guests up and dancing all night long

A: In 2024, if you’re seeking a Wedding DJ in Yarra Valley, you can expect to pay a minimum of $1200 for an experienced DJ + Travel and logitics. If you’re looking to hire someone more experienced for a larger party with top-notch equipment, the price will increase significantly. However, when it comes to creating lifelong memories for your guests, nothing compares to a great party. Therefore, cost shouldn’t be a major consideration.

A: The cost of hiring a DJ for a wedding in Australia can vary depending on factors such as the DJ’s experience, equipment provided, duration of service, and location. On average, couples can expect to pay anywhere from $800 to $2000 or more for a professional wedding DJ.

  1. First and foremost, Wedding DJs should understand the vision the couple has for the night. Whether they desire an intimate gathering or a lively party atmosphere.
  2. Secondly, DJs should leverage their experience to guide couples, identifying any potential gaps in the run sheet or vision for the night.
  3. Thirdly, they should prioritize playing music preferred by the couple that complements the atmosphere. This includes smoothly transitioning between genres and ensuring all party favorites are played, especially for weddings with a diverse guest list.
  1. Discuss your music preferences: Sit down with your partner and talk about the type of music you both enjoy and want to hear at your wedding. Consider the tunes you grew up with and the songs you danced to while growing up.

  2. Consider your guests: Think about the age range and musical tastes of your guests to ensure a diverse playlist that caters to everyone.

  3. Choose special songs: Decide on any special songs you want to include, such as your first dance song, parent dances, and any other significant moments.

  4. Create a must-play list: Make a list of songs that you definitely want the DJ to play during the reception. Also, consider adding do-not-play songs.

  5. Include preferred genres: Specify any preferred genres or artists that you want to be incorporated into the playlist.

  6. Allow for guest requests: Decide whether you want to allow guest requests and let your DJ know.

  7. Be flexible: While it’s essential to have a list of preferred songs, be open to your DJ’s expertise and suggestions to keep the dance floor packed and the energy high throughout the night. Ultimately, you want your guests to have a memorable party. Experienced DJs will play what suits the crowd best.

Yes, definitely! Your venue might have sound restrictions and preferences for DJs to hook into their system so that music can be heard in distant areas such as the lobby or outdoors. We can plug into their system using RCA and XLR cables, whichever is preferred.

Yes, based on our availability we can suggest names or you can discuss your preference upfront. All our Djs are highly experienced and you would expect the same level of serive from all of them.

A: You can provide up to 40 special songs, including your favorites genres and any special songs applicable to your event. We can customise your playlist according to your preferences. If you have more than 40 songs, we can accommodate this for a small fee. Feel free to share your specific song choices, and we’ll ensure they’re included in your wedding playlist.

Our DJ Hire package includes:

Impressive DJ Setup
Party Lighting
Pioneer CDJs + Mixer
Premium Sound System
Wireless Microphones
Smoke /Haze Machine*
Premium Custom DJ Booth **
Uplighting/Dance Floor**
360 Tubes X 4 **
MC Services **
Best modern/Classics mix
DJ Tunes (Playlists based on your musical taste)
Hands-on coordination with you and your vendors via a shared timeline
Personalised DJ Packages
Public Liability insurance

* If permitted by the venue (Upon Request)

** Premium & Platinum Packages

*** Platinum Package only

Our highly experienced Party DJs know how to get the music and presentation perfect for any type of event and audience. Our DJ’s play what you and your guests would like to enjoy, we only play music according to the flow of the evening. You can also provide your fav songs (upto 40) and genres  prior to your event and we can tailour your playlist accordingly.

Our Party DJ’s will arrive up to an hour prior to the event to setup and soundcheck. This ensures everything goes smooth according to the plan. 

No, all setups & packdpown are provided  free of cost. We do not charge any extra for the setup.