The below comprehensive DJ Hire Melbourne Price FAQs will help you understand the average cost of hiring a DJ in Melbourne so you shouldn’t overpay any amount.

  • Please note, some bigger events such as weddings (with over 300 guests) does requires DJs to bring additional equipment for the night. Always advise the DJ what the event involves and how many guests are expected. Check with your DJ the cost of hiring any additional equipment prior to the booking.

  • If your venue is outside of Melbourne, you should check with the DJs for any travel fee involved.


DJ Hire Melbourne Price

How much does a DJ cost for an hour?

The hourly cost for hiring an experienced DJ ranges from $80 – $150 per hour. This Includes providing mixing, sound equipment and standard party lightning.

How much do DJs cost to hire?

For an average 5 hour Party the DJs cost ranges from $550 – $750 per event. However, Wedding can get expensive depending on any special setup or event requirement for the night.

How much is it to hire a DJ in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, DJ hire Pricing ranges from $440 – $660 for a 5 hour event. Some venues such as Crown, Eureka, Sky High etc. do require the suppliers to arrive early so this cost can increase significantly depending on extra hours and effort required for the event.

How much do DJs charge for 2 hours?

Normally mobile Djs bring their own equipment and setup prior to event unless all mixing and sound equipment is provided by the venue. If the DJs are bringing their own equipment, for 2 hours DJ Services you should be looking to pay around $300-$400. If the venue is supplying all sound and mixing equipment then the DJ Price can go significantly low between $200-$300 for 2 hours.

What SHould be the DJ Hire Price if I PRovide all Equipment?

Depending on the Djs Experience and duration for the event, you should not pay anything more than $120 per hour or $600 for 5 hour event. This does not includes travel if the venue is outside of Melbourne

How Much Travel Should I Pay for the DJ?

For DJs who are willing to travel, It is dependent on travel duration and fuel cost. Most of the DJs will charge their hourly rate to compensate for this. For example, If a DJ charges $100 per hour then may choose to charge the same amount required for travelling an hour away. High fuel cost can bump up the travel cost quite significantly

What ARE THE DriveRs FOR dj hire melbourne prices?

There are many factors that drives DJ hire Melbourne Prices, such as:
– DJs length of experience
– Equipment used
– Any Travel (if required for the event)
– Hot dates (Each year, there are certain weekend which are in high demand i.e. chosen by couples to get married) if you plan to get married on those dates you may be quoted quite high for the price
– Extra pre-work required as part of event (i.e. visiting venues forehand, providing venues with SWIMS statement, equipment check as part of safety compliance etc.)


On average an experienced wedding DJ should charge around $550 for 5 hour packages. This does not includes travel and any special setup requirement such as extra lighting, speakers etc.

How can I hire a DJ?

Hiring a DJ can be daunting task. These below steps can help you finding a good DJ that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
– You should begin your search by searching/contacting the local DJ hire agency and acquire at least 3 quotes from different providers
– View DJs social proof and available online reviews
– Know what music they can play and genres skilled in
– Read terms and conditions and mode of payment
– Also understand who will be their DJ and discuss any event specifics
– Pay deposit to book whoever qualifies all above and your criteria for the night.

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